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YOUR favorite blogs of 2013

posted by Veronique Koch on 31 December 2013

Yesterday we looked back at the year to find our favorite blogs of 2013. But what were the most popular posts? We went into our archives to see which were our most read and most talked about blog posts and there were a couple of surprises for us. Here is the countdown of the posts we found to be the most popular of 2013.

favorite blogs of 20135- Eating Tuna

This how-to guide to eating tuna sustainably sparked some great discussions this year with our Fish Navy fan community. We all know that bluefin tuna is endangered, and that farming them is not a great option either. But what if you REALLY, REALLY want a tuna sandwich? This post provided some sustainable options.

first catch of the day
4- Lionfish Derby Newbie

Our associate producer, Sarah Curry, went out to experience the rodeo that is a lionfish derby in the Florida Keys. Lionfish have become a real concern for the reef of the Caribbean. They are an invasive species that come from the Indo-Pacific and eat every fish in sight while reproducing at an alarming rate. With no natural predators in the Caribbean, their numbers are growing exponentially! That’s why the motto has been “eat ’em to beat ’em” and Sarah was more than happy to go out to fish for them while filming a segment for our newest film, Why We Fish! (Want an exclusive sneak peek of Why We Fish? Sign up for our newsletter and we will send you an exclusive look!)
20 lbs of shrimp bycatch3- Our shrimp meme series

A couple of these articles about shrimping really caused a firestorm on Twitter for us. We understand that shrimping is a huge industry because shrimp are the #1 seafood in the world. But some practices do so much damage in terms of bycatch, bottom damage, endangerment of human lives, and toxicity that we are interested in finding a better way. That’s why we made Raising Shrimp, a film about sustainable shrimp farming! You’ll be amazed about the sustainable options that exist already right here in the US!

Adult tilapia favorite blogs of 2013
4- Catch of the Day- Tilapia

Tilapia has become something of a posterchild for sustainably farmed fish- if they are raised vegetarian and depending on the region they’re raised in of course! This blog post became one of the favorite blogs of 2013 because tilapia have become so widely available in supermarkets and restaurants. We recommend making them into fish tacos!

fukushima favorite blogs of 20131- 5 Things Your Need to Know About Fukushima and Seafood

Our #1 post of 2013 was one about the scary thought of eating seafood contaminated by radiation from the nuclear disaster in Fukushima in 2011. Experts disagree over whether seafood from Japan is safe to consume but, as always, this is a lesson that it is very important to know where your seafood comes from!

And with that we wish you a happy new year!

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