world water day 2013

Happy World Water Day 2013

posted by Veronique Koch on 22 March 2013

Happy World Water Day!

Today is World Water Day, and this year’s theme is Water Cooperation. Here is what the UN says about this year’s theme:

“In designating 2013 as the UN International Year of Water Cooperation, the UNGA recognizes that cooperation is essential to strike a balance between the different needs and priorities and share this precious resource equitably, using water as an instrument of peace. Promoting water cooperation implies an interdisciplinary approach bringing in cultural, educational and scientific factors, as well as religious, ethical, social, political, legal, institutional and economic dimensions.”

We completely agree. One of the tenets of sustainable aquaculture is to use water resources responsibly, without waste (or depleting local resources for drinking water or mangrove forests) or pollution (through discharge and effluents).

Trout swimming- a great example of water cooperation for World Water Day

One of the most sustainable fish farms seen in Fish Meat used a natural stream and managed the effluents by¬†recycling the water several times through each stage of the fish growing process from egg to fish before allowing it to rejoin the stream. This ensured minimal impact on the environment, and didn’t take water resources away from the local population.

What does water cooperation mean to you? Do you ever think about how you use your water? Where it comes from? Where it will go once you use it? Think back to the water cycle you might have learned in middle school.

“Water holds the key to sustainable development, we must work together to protect and carefully manage this fragile, finite resource,” said Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on the occasion of World Water Day on Water Cooperation.



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