heart drawn in the sand being washed away by a wave

Valentine Card – Heart Urchin

posted by Veronique Koch on 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day from Fish Navy Films! How can you talk about love without talking about your heart?



For our final Valentine’s Day card, we give to you the heart of the ocean: the heart urchin!




Heart urchin Spatangus_purpureus




Heart urchins get their name from the little indentation towards the mouth end of their bodies that gives them a heart-like appearance. This shape makes them different from other urchins that have perfect 5-part symmetry, so heart urchins are considered “irregular echinoids”. They bury under the sand much like sand dollars do. Some will even come to shore to do so. Watch these heart urchins walk around the sand.







Fun fact: The symbol of the heart is popular as the symbol of love, but it could very well have been represented by your liver! The Roman physician Galen found that that is where the passions lie, as did the ancient Persian scientist Al Razi, who added that the heart was only for puppy love while the liver was for true passion. 




Our Valentine’s cards could have looked a whole lot different!




Valentine liver in heart symbol


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