Cupid fish cartoon comic holding a bow and arrow with a heart

Valentine Card – Cupid Fish

posted by Veronique Koch on 10 February 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day from Fish Navy Films!

How romantic, a celebration of love. We like to think of every holiday in oceanic terms, so we have found a sea creature for every day leading up to February 14th.

For this first creature, we present to you… the Cupid fish!

cupid fish cichlid biotodomacupido

This cherubic freshwater cichlid is found from Brazil to Bolivia. It is very popular with aquarists. Its namesake is Cupid, the Roman god of love portrayed by a chubby cherub holding a bow and arrow. His arrows are known to make people fall in love.

Fun fact: Cupid’s arrows didn’t always bring love, as with the case of a fisherman Glaucus and his love Scylla. The reason? He was a merman! Scylla couldn’t get past his tail. Heartbroken, Glaucus visited the goddess Circe for help. Rather than remove Cupid’s curse of unrequited love from him, she turned Scylla into sea monster, too!
Glaucus, Scylla and Cupid painting



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