Two Fish (short film)

posted by admin on 30 August 2012

2 thoughts on “Two Fish (short film)

  1. Tita says

    this is a nifty little film.
    I want to eat carp raised the way it is in Turkey but… the carp that Stater Brothers supermarket carries is imported from Thailand or China. Hmmmm not sure that I want that carbon footprint on my conscience nor that fishmeat in my gut.
    Are there any reliable sources of carp in the continental US preferably on the west coast?

    Thanks – I will be sharing this with my fish eater friends.

  2. Rebecca says

    I’m happy to hear the beginnings to the greater conversation topic of what is the number one issue behind sustainable seafood – whether it is harvested from the Ocean or a pond – Governance. Until we can communicate this adequately to fish lovers around the globe and get them to be involved with existing governance or to demand their governments to create governance to mange fisheries responsibly, our fish stocks will continue to be depleted. I challenge film makers to somehow convey this message and perhaps use the U.S fishery management system (National Marine Fisheries Service under the Department of Commerce), as a model. A little known fact is that the U.S. is home to the most regulated (and enforced) fisheries in the world.

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