Fishmas jingle shells

The 5th day of Fishmas

posted by Veronique Koch on 16 December 2012

On the fifth day of Fishmas, my dear love gave to me… jingle shells!

These shells are a wide variety of bivalve molluscs from the family Anomiidae. They’re also known as mermaid’s toenails (do mermaids have toes?) and saddle oysters. The shells are very thin and paper-like.

Fun fact: these shells have many uses aside from protecting the molluscs that inhabit them. They naturally form holes on the lower shells from where they grow around the byssus (the filaments used to attach themselves to hard surfaces), which makes them perfect for jewelry making. The shells are also crushed up to make shellac, glue, solder, paint and chalk.

Fishmas jingle shell earrings



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