Sustainable seafood it's what's trendy in 2014

Sustainable seafood is the next big thing (what’s trendy in 2014)

posted by Veronique Koch on 14 January 2014

Would you eat sustainable seafood because it’s trendy in 2014? Restaurateurs seem to think so. 2014 will be the year of local, sustainable seafood according to the National Restaurant Association who conducted a survey of nearly 1300 chefs. Aside from locally sourced seafood being a top pick for main courses it was also listed #1 for overall hot trends! Second place for main courses was given to sustainable seafood.

We give these 2014 restaurant trends two forks up. If your seafood is locally sourced then you know where it is from, which means you can make an informed choice as to whether or not it is a good choice for you based on fishing or farming methods for that species (using your Seafood Watch app). So, for example, if you know that your shrimp is locally sourced, you can rest assured that it was at the very least not farmed in Asia where it could have been exposed to veterinary grade antibiotics (which leave residues) or farmed in conditions that pollute the environment. But if it was wild caught you may still have questions about whether the shrimping vessel used a trawler that could damage the bottom. Information about where your seafood is from gets the consumers out of the dark.

Could this carp farm be trendy in 2014?

Could this be the trendiest spot in Turkey? A carp farm in Turkey featured in the film Fish Meat.

Now add the “sustainable seafood” trend to that menu and we are happy campers. This does not mean you should blindly order any seafood on the menu. But the more people are aware of sustainable seafood options, the better!

What do you think of these restaurant trends? Are you seeing them pop up in eateries near you?

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