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Shopping for Seafood

posted by admin on 18 March 2013

I was recently shopping for seafood at a neighborhood market and I shot this quick video to show you the selection. Unlike many supermarkets these days, this one doesn’t have little colored dots next to the fish (is it green, yellow, or red!) to indicate which one may be better to buy. So, what’s a savvy consumer to do?

Seafood Watch Application Shopping for SeafoodLuckily there’s a super cool app from Seafood Watch that you can whip out, and use to peruse the selection. But, if you’re without the app, and by your lonesome, asking a couple questions will steer you in the right direction. One, where is the fish from? Two, was it caught in the wild, or farm raised? These basic questions can really tell you a lot. Here at Fish Navy Films, we think that buying food that’s been produced/caught locally, is a better option. We also believe that eating lower on the food chain is a great idea.

What did I find in that long case that I’d take home for dinner? I found one finfish and one shellfish that looked sustainable and delicious, both from the U.S.


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