Meet the crew: Ted Caplow

posted by admin on 07 March 2013

I recently interviewed the crew members that worked on our documentary, “Fish Meat“. Here’s what filmmaker Dr. Ted Caplow had to say.


1- Tell me what you do and what got you to work on Fish Meat.


I’m an entrepreneurial engineer and a sailor. The idea to make a film about fish farming while sailing in Turkey pushed all the right buttons.



2- What was it like filming Fish Meat? Any anecdotes you can share about your experience?


For part of the trip the weather was unbelievably hot, around 100 F. We had no air conditioning on the boat where we lived and at one point the entire crew just defected to a hotel for the night. Any sweat depicted onscreen is real.



Ted Caplow rowing a raft

Ted Caplow (left) with cinematographer Stuart Culpepper during the filming of “Fish Meat”




3- How has Fish Meat changed the way you eat or buy seafood?


I only buy skipjack tuna that is poll or troll caught, and even with that, I’m careful about the brand.



4- What is your go-to seafood recipe for home cooking or seafood dish to order in a restaurant?


Black olive tuna salad. Dead simple: one can of tuna, 1/3 of a jar of black olive tapenade, and stir. Best tuna salad on the planet.



5- If you weren’t working now you would be…


Sleeping, hopefully





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