Ghosts and Gills – Black Ghost Knife Fish

posted by Veronique Koch on 27 October 2013

How are everyone’s Hallowe’en plans coming along? Is anyone planning an ocean-themed Hallowe’en? Well if you want a creepy sea costume, how about this one? It is thought that these fish are haunted! Read on to discover the latest in our Ghosts and Gills series.

For our next post in our Hallowe’en series we present to you… the black ghost knife fish! Who doesn’t love a good spooky story, especially around Hallowe’en? The spirits of the dead floating around, sometimes with bad intentions… Now that’s scary. And to add to the scariness this animal’s name suggests that the ghost is black (can you see it in the dark?), and wields a knife. You have our attention, scary fish.

The black ghost knife fish, Apteronotus albifrons, is an ominous-sounding creature. It is found in rivers of South America and has become increasingly popular with aquarists. This willowy fish produces a mild electric current that not only allows it to locate prey (insect larvae) but allows it to communicate with others of its kind. We think that is very cool.

Black Ghost Knife Fish

Fun fact: The black ghost knife fish gets its name from the South American natives who believe that the spirits of the departed take up residence in these fish. We aren’t sure if that thought is creepy or comforting. Hopefully only nice ghosts embody the fish we see in aquariums. We wouldn’t want any aquatic Paranormal Activity going on in our homes.

Only four more days until Hallowe’en! Please share your fishy Hallowe’en plans with us in the comments section below. We would love the inspiration! In the meantime we will keep posting blogs about the scariest creatures in the sea. Spoiler alert: you will never find a single human-eating shark in this series. Jaws don’t scare us!

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