Happy National Seafood Month from FNF

Four ways to celebrate National Seafood Month

posted by Veronique Koch on 02 October 2013

It’s National Seafood Month, our favorite time of year! Why not celebrate National Seafood Month 2013 with these 4 easy and fun steps?

1-Make a pledge to only eat sustainable seafood this month. For just one month, take an extra minute to find out where your fish is from and how it was caught. Using tools like Seafood Watch (having the app is handy), or fish2fork (to check on restaurants) really helps us double check which fish are the most sustainable choices at the fish counter or on the menu. We think you’ll find that with practice it will become easy to know whether a fish is a best choice or one to avoid.

Happy National Seafood Month from FNF2-Show off you sustainably delicious finds! Alaska Seafood is hosting an Instagram contest where people can show off the Alaskan sustainable seafood they are eating. The contest runs through October 28th and the winner takes home the new GoPro Hero3 and a winter’s supply of seafood! Eating sustainable seafood from somewhere other than Alaska? Use #sustainablydelicious and tag us @fishnavyfilms to get kudos from us!

3-Expand your knowledge of sustainable seafood by learning about sustainable aquaculture. There is still a knee jerk reaction about aquaculture and understandably so! There have been so many cases of bad practices with aquaculture operations polluting, harming local ecosystems and actually taking more fish out of the sea to feed the farmed fish. But there is a great movement to change all that. Why not check out our calendar to see if you can catch a screening of Fish Meat or host a screening of your own?

4- Eat truly sustainable seafood. How about eating a fish that shouldn’t be in your local ecosystem? Where we live that’s the lionfish. There are so many invasive species that are having a negative impact on the local flora and fauna. Why not do your part by adding them to your diet?

Have a great National Seafood Month!

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