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Fish Meat wins “BEST OVERALL” at Film Festival

posted by Veronique Koch on 03 April 2013

Fish Meat” won “Best Overall” extended film at the Beneath the Waves Film Festival in Savannah, Georgia held March 21-24, 2013.

The Beneath the Waves Film Festival is an ocean-themed film festival run by ocean scientists and graduate students. It aims to encourage, inspire, and educate scientists, advocates, and the general public to produce and promote engaging marine-issue documentaries.

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From their website:

“Our goal is to facilitate widespread science communication by bringing together marine films from around the world for open discussion, while also providing hands-on educational opportunities for researchers interested in film and media outreach.”

Fish Meat is a documentary about sustainable aquaculture in which Ted Caplow and Andy Danylchuk sail around Turkey visiting a wide range of fish farms. They see everything from the most basic and traditional carp farm and the most high tech tuna farm. In the end, one thing is clear: not all aquaculture is sustainable but some of it really is! We believe in supporting sustainable fish farms. It’s all about voting with your fork and choosing your farms wisely.

To be selected as the Best Overall by the scientific community is a great honor, especially given the competition we were facing. We truly believe in making films that educate and inspire people to make sustainable choices. We couldn’t be more proud!

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