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Fish Meat to screen at Making Waves Film Festival Colorado

posted by Veronique Koch on 13 September 2013

We are thrilled to be screening Fish Meat at the Making Waves film festival on September 22nd. Making Waves is a collaboration between Colorado Ocean Coalition and the San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival. All day at the University of Colorado at Boulder, they will be screening films and television programs about the ocean and watershed areas.

We will be in great company! Have a look at some of the filmmakers that will be featured during Making Waves this year:

Acousteau at Making Waves Film FestivalAlexandra Cousteau

The granddaughter of the legendary Jacques Cousteau and leading conservationist and filmmaker will be kicking off the festival with two of her films. The first, a short called Death of a River, “tracks the ghost of a mighty river that used to run free over this land half a century ago.” Her second film, The Headwaters, investigates how the Colorado River is over-allocated but is vital to the communities around it and how it always has been.




changing seasChanging Seas- WPBT2

This Emmy-awarded program explores how the Indo-Pacific lionfish invaded and exploited the western Atlantic and Caribbean. How did it this beautiful but deadly fish get there and how is it affecting the local ecosystem?



carl safinaCarl Safina with Jon Angier

In Saving the Ocean – a PBS series, Carl Safina (famous ocean advocate and marine scientist) takes the viewers close to some of the most economically and climatically vulnerable marine populations around our planet, and he gives us a look at marine conservation successes there. In this episode, The Sacred Island, Safina illuminates the little-known success of the tiny Misali Island in the Zanzibar Archipelago, where sustainable fishing is based on the Islamic conservation ethic.




chris_palmer_profile_11Chris Palmer

The director of the Environmental Film Department of the American University (and wildlife filmmaker in his own right) presents the winner of the annual Eco-Comedy Competition: A Brief History of the 5 Cent Bag Tax, in which Jack Green, head of the Department of the Environment, is on a mission to rid the city of its plastic bag scourge.

You can find the full schedule and purchase tickets here.
Will you be going to the Making Waves Film Festival? Come by and say hi!

2 thoughts on “Fish Meat to screen at Making Waves Film Festival Colorado

  1. We LOVED the movie Fish Meat and delighted that it could be part of Making WAVES in Colorado!

    1. Veronique Koch says

      Thank you so much! We really enjoyed being a part of it!

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