Fish Forward – Helping to sustain the world’s fish populations

posted by Veronique Koch on 27 November 2013

“Danylchuk is also a host and scientific advisor for Fish Navy Films, a film company dedicated to making documentaries on aquatic sustainability. Danylchuk and his colleagues have produced two films and are working on a third. The first film, Fish Meat, delves into the challenges of modern fish farming and looks closely at those who are doing it efficiently and sustainably. Raising Shrimp uses shrimp, the most popular seafood in the United States, as a case study for examining the global seafood industry and the potential perils of imported versus domestic products.

For Danylchuk, outreach is crucial, which is why he devotes so much time to public speaking and film production. His work is not fully realized until it reaches as many eyes and ears (and fins) as possible.

“It goes back to the individual—the types of information that we provide them and how empowered they feel to make a difference. If they can leave a film screening, presentation, or classroom just feeling a little more informed, then I’ve done my job,” says Danylchuk.”

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