stuart culpepper, Director of Photography, film ons a boat in Turkey

Finding Beauty in a Tuna Harvest

posted by Sarah Curry on 14 January 2013

With his camera tied to his waist, Stuart Culpepper, a NY-based cinematographer, joined the Fish Navy Film crew to shoot Fish Meat in Turkey. This whirlwind shoot across Turkey—these guys shot about 10 fish farms in seven days!- proved that Stuart is indeed a cinematographer extraordinaire.


Admittedly, Turkey is gorgeous all by itself… that blue Mediterranean water is hard to beat… but Stuart was able to capture beauty, even when things weren’t pretty (see our tuna harvest scene). From the dimly lit hatcheries to trekking up to a trout farm in the mountains, Stuart made sure we got the best footage to tell our story in a visually stimulating way. Believe us, making fish farms sexy can be quite the challenge!


Stuart and his wife, Karin Diann Williams, own Culpepper/Williams, a new media production company in New York that focuses on engaging with independent media artists dedicated to ‘artistic integrity, social consciousness, and technological innovation.’ Stuart has shot numerous documentary projects and commercials, mostly on the subject of public health, but likes to spend time attending rad film festivals like SXSW.  Want to know more about his work? Find him on IMDB or his website.

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