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Endangered Species Day

posted by Veronique Koch on 17 May 2013

Today is Endangered Species Day, a day made official by the US Senate in 2006 to raise awareness about the threats that endangered wildlife face today.

endangered species day posterWe at Fish Navy Films think a lot about how we as humans affect wild populations of animals, particularly the seafood we eat. Our last film, Fish Meat, highlighted the tragic fate of the Atlantic bluefin tuna (an endangered species that we continue to eat). And our newest film, Raising Shrimp, talks about the intensive shrimp farming going on around the world and how damaging this can be for fragile mangrove ecosystems.

Want to find an event to help commemorate Endangered Species Day? Head over to to see how you can either participate in an event or host one.

The bottom line is that only humans have the power to change the course of the lives of some of these animals and plants. What can you do to help create a success story?

Check out this short video we made about the true price of sushi when it comes to Atlantic bluefin tuna. Since this video was made the record price for tuna has gone up considerably!



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