Best blogs of 2013

Our 5 favorite blogs of the year

posted by Veronique Koch on 30 December 2013

As the year comes to a close, it got us to think back on out favorite blogs of the year. These were some of the articles we had the most fun with in 2013.
10 Ways Seafoodie Fish Navy FIlms favorite blogs5- 10 Ways to Know if You’re a Sustainable Seafoodie

We talk about it a lot in the office. Once you start reading about where your seafood comes from, eating sustainable seafood becomes an obsession! From reading the fine print at the fish counter to learning the sustainable seafood lingo, there is a new way to geek out! Are you a sustainable seafoodie?

farmed seafood fish tuna in a pen favorite blogs4- 5 Myths About Farmed Seafood

Once we get going about farmed seafood, people often give us the side-eye glare as if to say “But isn’t all farmed seafood bad?” The answer is no. You need to know where your seafood was farmed and under what conditions, but if you find a sustainable fish farm you’re often eating a more sustainable fish than anything caught in the wild!

can of sardines3- Scared of Sardines

When our associate producer, Sarah Curry, decided to put her money where her mouth is and eat lower on the food chain, she was confronted with a can of sardines that haunted her at the office until she was finally brave enough to take her first bite. Have you ever eaten sardines?

Baby looking at tilapia, salmon and snapper fish at supermarket2- Fish For My Baby

As the saying goes, never get between a bear and her cub, or in this case between a seafoodie and her infant. When it came time to give my little one his first fish, I felt confused at the fish counter. Which would he like best? Which was best for the planet AND most importantly for his health?

bags of fish feed1- Gas Guzzlers of the Sea

Our number one post of 2013 is kind of a sciencey one. While eating bluefin tuna can be problematic when they’re caught on the wild because they’re endangered, eating the farmed version is no better. “For every pound of tuna produced, they need to eat 20 pounds of fish feed. And what is that feed made of? Other fish!”

That’s a wrap up of 2013. Which were your favorite blogs? What would you like to see on the Fish Navy Films Blog in 2014?



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