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sustainable seafood quiz

Pop Quiz! Do you know your seafood?

July 16,2014

Buzzfeed quizzes are all the rage (Wha...

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rice from indian market

Could planting rice save shrimp?

May 28,2014

A while back we posted an April Fool's...

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Are pesticides affecting shrimp?

May 16,2014

Previous studies showed that aquatic i...

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eat this not that shrimp

Eat this not that: a guide to shrimp

May 09,2014

At each one of out screenings for our ...

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shipment of shrimp

Say hi to Forbes, the first shrimp farmer in Wisconsin

April 15,2014

Forbes Adam and I recently discussed D...

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shrimp bioplastic

Using shrimp to make bioplastic

April 09,2014

We can't get enough of shrimp. It's on...

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Check out the new Raising Shrimp poster

April 04,2014

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sustainable shrimp

Recirculating Shrimp Farms in the United States

April 03,2014

Recirculating shrimp farms are popping...

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The Birds- a film about toxic seafood

Is your seafood toxic?

February 20,2014

Have you seen the movie "The Birds" by...

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98% of our shrimp imports go uninspected

July 02,2013

When food is imported into the United ...

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trawler damage fact

Trawlers are the lawnmowers of the sea

June 13,2013

We have been talking a lot about shrim...

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Shrimpers get a blessing

Catching shrimp at a price

May 31,2013

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reporte...

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20 lbs of shrimp bycatch

20 lbs of bycatch per pound of shrimp

May 30,2013

This was hard for me to understand. Ho...

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eat shrimp

Americans eat a lot of shrimp

May 23,2013

According to the WWF, Americans eat ro...

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National Shrimp Day shrimp

Happy National Shrimp Day!

May 10,2013

It's National Shrimp Day according to ...

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Steamed shrimp

Catch of the day – shrimp

May 03,2013

Today's catch of the day - shrimp. In ...

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