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first catch of the day

Lionfish: Extremely invasive…but also delicious

March 12,2015

The lowdown on how we turned this pred...

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Big Island, Small Abalone

February 13,2015

I love visiting fish farms, especially...

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Are pesticides affecting shrimp?

May 16,2014

Previous studies showed that aquatic i...

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shipment of shrimp

Say hi to Forbes, the first shrimp farmer in Wisconsin

April 15,2014

Forbes Adam and I recently discussed D...

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sustainable shrimp

Recirculating Shrimp Farms in the United States

April 03,2014

Recirculating shrimp farms are popping...

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What you can do: lessons from Fish Meat

April 03,2014

A good documentary has to have 3 thing...

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farmed fish at carp farm

Reconsidering farmed seafood

November 12,2013

When people hear the words "farmed sea...

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