Andy Danylchuk

Andy Danylchuk

Host & Scientific Advisor

Dr. Andy Danylchuk is a fish ecologist, an expert windsurfer, and a university professor.

Andy is on a personal crusade to ensure that fish are around for future generations to enjoy, whether on a dinner plate, on the end of a fishing line, or simply something to watch in wonder. Andy spent much of his formative years on lakes north of Toronto, Canada (his birthplace, eh), as well as along the Florida coast and the pristine waters of the Caribbean. During his university career, Andy’s research focused on parrotfish in Jamaica, and the impacts of forest harvesting on fish populations in the northern boreal forest of Canada.

He then spent nearly 10 years in The Bahamas, helping to develop the Cape Eleuthera Institute and launching a series of studies on bonefish (featured on ESPN’s Pirates of the Flats), great barracuda, and sharks.

Now as a professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, his fish conservation research spans from New England, to The Bahamas, and as far away as East Africa. Andy’s current research continues to focus on the development of best practices for recreational fisheries, as well as exploring new models of ‘sustainable’ aquaculture that can help meet the growing human demands for fish meat. Andy has a daughter and a son and lives in Amherst, MA.