What We Fish For

What do you fish for?


Ted, the engineer, is on a quest to spear a lionfish – the newest threat to coral reefs in the Caribbean.  Sarah, the journalist, doesn’t trust her grocery store and tries to catch lunch the old fashioned way. Joe, the musician, wants to walk a watery mile in Hemingway’s shoes. And Andy, the scientist, just needs to take his mind off work. They all have a lot to learn.


This newest film from the makers of Fish Meat and Raising Shrimp moves from a towering sportfisherman to fly fishing by paddleboard, from spearfishing the reef to a party boat full of enthusiastic first-timers. An extended underwater sequence features a sailfish at the actual moment of capture. What We Fish For is a rare chance to go eyeball to eyeball with the fish we love in their own world.


The four friends are guided by legends such as Chico Fernandez and Sandy Moret, together with local salts, world-class scientists, and passionate conservationists, including coral restoration pioneer Ken Nedimyer.


The scenery sparkles, ranging from crystalline shallow flats spread out under an endless sky, to deep blue oceans and magical coral reefs. A soaring original score by Mark Peterson (Star Wars, The Gladiator, Chariots of Fire) helps bring this landscape to life.


What We Fish For is  like a Florida Keys vacation - full of strange and wonderful creatures above and below the water. It’s an experience to sit back and savor.


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