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goblin FNF

Ghosts and Gills- Goblin Shark

October 30, 2013Tomorrow is Hallowe’en! We ha ...

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Hag Halloween FNF

Ghosts and Gills- Hagfish

October 29, 2013Today’s Ghosts and Gills feat ...

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pacific nettle jellyfish

Jellyfish: Look, but don’t touch. Maybe eat?

October 28, 2013There was a time when I would have ...

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Ghosts and Gills- Frankenfish

October 28, 2013Only a few days left until Hallowe& ...

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Ghosts and Gills – Black Ghost Knife Fish

October 27, 2013How are everyone’s Hallowe ...

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Sea Pumpkin card

Ghosts and Gills – Sea Pumpkin

October 26, 2013Pumpkins are a classic symbol of Ha ...

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Vampire squid FNF

Ghosts and Gills – Vampire Squid

October 25, 2013Happy Hallowe’en! In this sec ...

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Batfish FNF Halloweem

Ghosts and Gills – Batfish

October 24, 2013Happy Hallowe’en, everyone! W ...

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Fish on plate

How do we keep fish on our menus?

October 17, 2013This is the question that chef Dan ...

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10 Ways Seafoodie Fish Navy FIlms

10 Ways to know if you’re a sustainable seafoodie

October 10, 2013At Fish Navy Films we talk a lot ab ...

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