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World Aquaculture Society 2/23/13 1:30 PM

January 29, 2013Saturday February 23rd at 1:30 pm & ...

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Ranched tuna feeding in a floating cage in Turkey.

The Tuna Tragedy

January 22, 2013This month has seen many tuna-relat ...

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Fish monger in Turkey holding up his prize catch

Chicken of the Sea

January 16, 2013How many different fish have you ea ...

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stuart culpepper, Director of Photography, film ons a boat in Turkey

Finding Beauty in a Tuna Harvest

January 14, 2013With his camera tied to his waist, ...

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Expert bait & switched

January 11, 2013Here at Fish Navy, we believe that ...

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small tuna on scooter

What’s wrong with this picture? (Teenage Tuna!)

January 09, 2013Nothing, you might say. It’s fish ...

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